CHES/MCHES Study Session

March 11, 2015 9:00 PM | Lydia R. Frass
Interested in refreshing your Health Education and Promotion Knowledge?! Join Us! 

CHES/MCHES Study Session 

Friday, April 3, 2015 (10am-3pm) 

Please feel free to bring a brown bag lunch or visit a nearby restaurant. Refreshments will be available. Please bring a copy of the 6th Edition Study Guide that can be purchased from for $55 CHES or $65 MCHES— (it’s the PURPLE/MAROON book for each exam). 

Location: American Cancer Society 

128 Stonemark Lane 

Columbia, SC 29210 

(803) 750-1693 (for directions)

Spring 2015 Flyer CHES.pdf

Please RSVP to by 4/1/15. 

(IMPORTANT: please note the 3 letter “L’s” in the prefix when transferring the email address). 


Lillie M. Hall, MHS, MPH, CHES & Tina M. Devlin, MPH, CHES 

Sponsored by the SC Association for the Advancement of Health Education (SCAAHE)

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