Behavorial Health (formerly Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD))

This Section provides a forum for public health professionals from all disciplines to learn about the negative impact of substance abuse on individual, family and community health. Activities are aimed at increasing awareness of the interrelationship of the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs on a variety of public health and safety problems.
Section Chair: Elizabeth DeMeo, [email protected]

Epidemiology and Disease Control

This Section works to prevent and control both infectious and chronic diseases. In pursuit of this goal, the section addresses primary and secondary prevention of controllable diseases and explores innovative methods for disease control.
Section Chair: MyLinda O'Quinn, [email protected]

Environmental Health

This Section promotes public health by working to protect the environment. Members of this section are principally from the field of environmental engineering, sanitation, planning and management and directors of health care programs, service units and facilities.
Section Chair: Beata DeWitt, [email protected]

Health Administration

This Section is concerned with management of facilities and services in the delivery of health care. The members of this section are generally employed in administrative and supervisory positions and directors of health care programs, service units and facilities.
Section Chair: Tangela Davis, [email protected]

Health Education

This Section provides its members with opportunities to network and exchange information about successful health education strategies, programs and advocacy. Founded on the principles and concepts of the educational, biological, social, behavioral and medical sciences, this section focuses on helping health educators in diverse settings (from patient education to street outreach to worksite wellness) to develop the knowledge and skills to assist their clients in adopting positive health behaviors.
Section Chair: Suzette McClellan, [email protected]

Health and Human Services

This Section is concerned with issues related to the financing of health care, including the impact of financing mechanisms on quality care; health status and the health care system; federal, state and private insurance programs; and national health insurance and national health policy related to reimbursement systems.
Section Chair: Karen Smith, [email protected]

Management Support

This Section is dedicated to presenting programs and engaging in activities that captivate the interest of support personnel in all public health programs and works to motivate them both professionally and personally.
Section Chair: Tammy Thomasson, [email protected]


This Section advocates healthy eating and lifestyle habits to promote optimal health for the citizens of South Carolina.
Section Chair: Joey Current, [email protected]

Public Health Nursing

This Section promotes excellence by providing education and information on current state and national issues and trends; influences public policy relating to public health nursing practices and provides opportunities for professional development and communication.
Section Chair: Ellen Cooper, [email protected]

Public Health Social Work and Counseling

This Section promotes the optimal social, emotional, health and environmental functioning of individuals, families, and communities through the application of the principles and practices of public health social work.
Section Chair: Charkeisha Moore, [email protected]

Student Section

This Section connects all student members in the state and provides them with SCPHA information, education, professional development opportunities, scholarships and awards, learning and networking events, community service opportunities, etc.
Section Chair: Megan Austin, [email protected]